Paleo & Keto Bread

Gluten, Wheat, Dairy & Refined-Sugar Free.
Grain-free, nutrient-dense, slow releasing superfood Paleo and Keto Breads.

Our Products

original paleo bread
Original Paleo Keto Bread
kale paleo bread
Kale Paleo Keto Bread
fig & apple paleo bread
Fig & Apple Paleo Bread
banana & cacao paleo bread
A delicious banana and cacao loaf for any hour of the day.
banana & courgette paleo bread
A sumptuous and delicious snack. A healthy alternative to traditional loaves.
brownie paleo bread
A truly divine, squidgy brownie. Nutrient-dense and nourishing, without compromising on full flavour.
spiced carrot paleo bread
An indulgent yet healthful treat.