Alexi, our founder and creator-in-chief, is driven to develop amazing tasting products that actually do our bodies good. Her inspiration came from healing her own health crisis including pre-diabetes and depression. She went on to earn a masters degree in psychology, focusing on how food affects work productivity and well being.

Our Mission 
To positively transform health and unlock human potential through great tasting health-promoting foods.

Our Ethos

Cru8 was founded to help individuals and companies improve their wellbeing and productivity; to enable people to reach their highest potential by providing health-promoting and nutrient-dense foods that are gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free. Our ‘do no harm’ philosophy extends from humanity to the planet. This is demonstrated by our dedication to creating health-promoting foods using trusted, sustainable, organic ingredients.


We’re Soil Association certified organic which means that at the very least 95% of the ingredients we use are organic. By default these ingredients are the best quality available. It also means that we operate within the Soil Association ethical guidelines.

Organic means no artificial colours or preservatives, fewer pesticides, always free-range and no GM ingredients. All organic food is fully traceable from farm to fork, so you can be sure of what you’re eating.

Choosing organic is also better for the environment as organic food is produced with natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and more respect for the animals that provide it. With no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers, and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, which means more wildlife, including all things that pollinate.


Our raw range of products are low temperature dried to preserve the nutritional value and enzymes so important to health and digestion. It takes 24 hours to dehydrate the cookies, crackers and kale crisps. This is the epitome of “slow food”. But it’s worth it for the nutritional value.

Our production is small batch and artisanal, meaning that attention is given to each and every hand-made and carefully crafted product. It’s the closest you’ll get to buying something that is as good as if you made it at home.


Our packaging is either fully recyclable or fully compostable, and we use the least amount of packaging possible.
alexi cru8 founder