Alexi, the Founder of Cru8, believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate since 2009 and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw firsthand. Since the beginning of Alexi’s high-raw food journey, she has recovered from a pre-diabetic condition, released 20lbs of excess weight, and recovered from depression. She set out to prove her theory through her MSc (Organisational Psychology, City University) thesis research. Results from her research showed that a high-raw, gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free diet not only significantly enhances work productivity but emotional well-being. Alexi was subsequently awarded a distinction for her thesis and set up Cru8 with the purpose of transforming eating habits through her detox delivery business. To help her clients stay on track post detox, Alexi developed a range of snack foods free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Alexi’s first foray into retail was at the Saturday Partridges Market at the Duke of York Square in 2014. The innovative, nutrient-dense superfood products are now available at Selfridges, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, Revital and a number of other independent health food stores and delis.


Little Luxury Foods
I've been a fan of Cru8 Foods since I first tried their macaroons at the Duke Of York Saturday market in Chelsea a few years ago now. I instantly fell in love with their Cacao flavoured macaroons and bought about 3 packets there and then... no shame, no judgement! I still love these macaroons to this date and am pleased to see some other flavours too, I particularly like their Pistachio macaroons.
I was recently introduced by a friend to a detox food delivery company called Cru8. I had decided to reward myself with the luxury of great food delivered to me daily instead of ‘sale shopping’. Truly, the gift (to your mind & body) of cleansing your system, whilst replenishing with raw, wholesome meals served fresh each day, can be a far more enriching experience. I have never been so excited to delve into a cool bag left by my front door each morning. Read More...