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I know exactly what itís like: you start the day with the strong mental resolve ďnot to snack,Ē and then 3pm rolls around and youíve had a stressful day, skipped lunch because there just wasnít time and itís oh so easy to make rash food choices that you know donít work best for your body, or make you feel as healthy as you could be. In these circumstances what do we most likely reach for? Carbs and sugar!
As I’m sure you know by now, gut health is your secret weapon when it comes to maintaining good overall health, a happy mind, steady weight and an all-cylinders-firing immune system. It’s been the focus of much media and blog attention recently too, as the outbreak of Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome for its virus-busting abilities! Let’s take a look at what ‘gut health’ actually means…
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